The Way Out: Wedding

What happens when a filmmaker gets married? If you’re the president of our company, certainly not your run-of-the-mill wedding video.

“To be wild with love and crazy for adventure, together let’s change the world.”
– Mr. And Mrs. Levy

What we did

After Andrew and Ariel were engaged, they decided to elope. And they asked our creative director if he could turn their wedding into an adventure film.

What ensued was four days of stunts and hurdles across the Moab desert, culminating in Ariel flying into Mineral Bottom canyon on a single prop Cessna to exchange vows.

Andrew and Ariel are both adventurous, compassionate, and dedicated individuals. We knew we wanted to represent these traits in the film.

The Way Out: Wedding became a representation of the ceremony for loved ones who were unable to attend. It premiered to an audience of close friends and extended family at the historic Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA, with the bride and groom dressed in their wedding attire. Afterward, everyone danced into the night.

The effects

“Fantastic! The storytelling was just so incredible and kept us riveted the whole time. We could go on. Love it.”

– Scene Alive

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