UT MIST: Minimally Invasive Surgeons of Texas

The UT MIST Clinic is an innovator within bariatric surgery and other minimally-invasive

What we did

Alongside the doctors and administrators, we uncovered three primary communication
objectives for the clinic:

  1. Provide a shareable resource for former and current patients to help them explain the procedure with friends, family and other interested parties
  2. Educate potential patients on the different procedures at the MIST Clinic
  3. Provide a success story that relates to potential patients

After analyzing the needs of the doctors and clinic administration, we researched trends within bariatric surgery and recommended one feature film with the following strategy:

  • Emotional and relatable success story that combined strategic weight loss and family bonding
  • Representative clinic and operating room footage to familiarize patients with the process
  • Direct representation of clinic capabilities through engaging animation

The effects 

The UT Mist campaign redefines content for the Bariatric Field:

  • Engages potential patients with emotional storytelling
  • Provides a visual resource for former patients to share
  • Empowers surgeons and allows them to share the work they do with others


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