Tunnel Vision

We partnered with Wrangler to help uncover the humanity inside the western way of life.

What we did

For this film, we took a look inside minor league bull riding by following cowboys from two generations: veteran Strawberry Pruitt and rookie Rowdy Rice, at the Double Creek Pro Rodeo in Chesney, South Carolina.

There’s a reason it’s called the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports.

The insanity that is professional bull riding is hard to comprehend: one man versus an animal up to ten times his weight, bucking wildly in an unpredictable array of direction and inertia. The rider’s tools to combat his four-legged foe: two spurs, a saddle, rope, and one gloved hand.

If this sounds like an ill-advised match, it is.

For those who subject themselves to the elusive quest of those 8 seconds, the goal is not fame or fortune, but for the love of the sport and the display of toughness it takes to be an American bull rider.

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