Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company (LPC) is the world’s second-largest residential manager and multi-family brand.

What we did

Through an in-depth conversation with the Human Resources department and the executive committee, we developed a strategy to build high-end content for LPC and accomplish the following
three objectives:

  1. Immediately engage and excite new hires during the onboarding process
  2. Represent the people and culture that define LPC
  3. Provide high-quality content for the front page of the LPC website

During the project, we worked extensively with the Human Resources department at LPC
to develop the following strategy for connecting with new hires:

  • Represent the entire spectrum of employees at the company
  • Integrate testimonials with a contagious sense of energy
  • Showcase employees and properties from around the country

The effects

LPC’s Human Resources campaign has been extremely successful and achieved the following results:

  • The film has been used to onboard all new hires to the LPC family
  • The film is now the face of LPC’s virtual brand on the homepage of their website
  • The film had over 2,000 public engagements in the first 60 days

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