Chispa House is a humanity-focused production company known for authentic, documentary-style brand videos that empower audiences and inspire action.

Show, don’t tell, with authentic video. 

High-quality video is now accessible. Your audience expects it and your brand deserves it. Keep project management simple with our award-winning customer service. 

Humanity Focused Solutions 

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Engage Customers

Showcase your team and value organically and differentiate your pitch from the other PDFs and PPTs in the stack. Ensure no message is lost in translation by allowing your prospect to press play inside the decision-making boardroom.

Inspire Employees
Employees join companies and stay longer when values and purpose are clear. People want to make a difference. Make the opportunity visible through video.

Build Community
Each organization has a group excited by its mission. Focus on your niche and provide them the content to advocate on your behalf. Arm your army with shareable video.


Excite Stakeholders
Investors, shareholders, awards-panels, publications want to be moved with strategy, storytelling, and a reason to believe. The spark is there. Bring it to life with video.

Communicate authentically across all of your channels.

Accomplish more with each production. We start with the end in mind to ensure all objectives are met with the right balance of information and emotion.

Make authentic video and keep it simple while you do it.

Learn how we can help you communicate with purpose and efficiency.

Chispa is the Spark that Inspires Us

We learned it a decade ago from a family striving to fufill the American Dream. They showed us real purpose and sent us on a journal to uncover humanity within every film we make.