Hanover Capital Partners

Hanover stands among the most active private real estate companies in the US, specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of high-quality multi-family residential properties nationwide.

What we did

With the executive team we uncovered three primary objectives for the campaign:

  • Drive engagement and recruitment for potential new hires to all silos of the business
  • Develop a powerful tool for capital partner interaction
  • Represent the key developments and people that make up Hanover

How did we do this?

For the project, we developed a strategic communication plan in order to efficiently accomplish Hanover’s objectives.

  • For the recruitment film, we interviewed over 100 employees to establish an authentic and compelling voice for Hanover
  • Through extensive research and partner discovery, we developed a mix of raw interview and animation to best articulate the business practices of the company
  • In order to maximize project efficiency, we created a detailed industry and competitor analysis to help position Hanover as market leaders.

The effects

The campaign has been extremely successful and achieved the following results:

  • Company-wide premiere across 10+ cities
  • The film is used in all employee recruiting seminars
  • The film is used on ‘Careers’ page of the company website

“Working with Chispa House / DT this past year, we felt your passion, commitment and creativity from each member of your team. Your emotional connection to what you do differentiates you from your competitors and will be a key to your long-term success.”

– Roxanne Cox, Hanover Company

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