Get Comfortable

Our friends at Athens-based Creature Comforts Brewing Company aspire to add value to every community in which their brand operates. This sometimes looks like resourcing remarkable nonprofit agencies, and other times…

It looks like spotlighting the fabulous arts community. The great news is that everyone is invited to this party to drink up, to do good, and to give back.

We share Creature Comforts’ belief that good companies are good neighbors. We’re also proud to play a role in the Get Comfortable Campaign they founded in 2015. The goal of this campaign is to unify the business community and drive awareness, increase engagement, and provide support for nonprofits combating the Athens community’s greatest needs as it relates to living comfortably.

In Athens-Clarke County where one in five people are food-insecure and the poverty rate is 36.6-percent – nearly twice the state poverty rate of 18.4-percent – the campaign has traditionally focused on hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

What we did

Like Creature Comforts, we wanted to make a measurable impact on this problem. The first step in addressing any challenge is raising awareness of it. In this case, we created a film that captured intimate vignettes and footage of the people and stories outside of what most residents and visitors think of Athens.

The effects

Did we make some of the comfortable people of Athens uncomfortable? Yes.

However, at the same time, this film has also been a positive catalyst in bringing diverse audiences together for real conversations, the sharing of ideas, and a sense of purpose.

And, for that, we’re most proud.


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