Tougher Than John Wayne’s Boots

The informal definition of Tunnel Vision is to focus exclusively on a single goal. It may have taken us five and a half years, but we finally figured out how to make films for ourselves on a regular basis.

This week we released Tunnel Vision: The Story of an American Bull Rider. A nine-minute film about a young bull rider’s journey through the sport and a legendary mentor reflecting on his past. It’s an incredible project that introduced us to characters, places, and events that most people never get a chance to see.

We stood in the ring with bulls. Drank moonshine with cowboys. Jumped outside of our comfort zone and stepped into a new one. It opened our eyes to the excitement of meeting new people and capturing their story. We were hooked.

Then we did it again and again, which led to a crazy thought: we should make a new film every week. Not for clients, just for ourselves. In addition, of course, to our full schedule of producing client work.

Seems perfectly normal when you’re hooked, right?

That’s where we are today.

I am writing this while sitting shotgun, headed home from an all-day shoot inside an Atlanta tattoo parlor. What an amazing day! The characters and visuals were so vibrant – the smiles on our faces seem to be as permanent as the ink.

We will be back tomorrow to capture interviews and pickups, and then we’ll transfer the footage to the post team. Rinse, repeat, and dive back in. Chefs, graffiti artists, motorcycle enthusiasts, skaters, entrepreneurs…it’s all coming to a screen near you. We’ll work our asses off to make sure you enjoy it.

Why are we doing this?

Because we are in love with humanity, and because we believe we can make a difference for ourselves and others by pursuing this dream. It’s part of our Search for the Big One.

What’s yours?

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