Chispa House sounds like Cheese Spa House.

Chispa House sounds like Cheese Spa House.

We believe in communicating from the inside out.

It starts with Chispa, the spark that drives you.

We create videos that influence customers, employees and shareholders.

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Origin of Chispa

Pronounced “Cheese-Spa”, it’s the Spanish word for spark. But to us, it’s a lot more than that.

In 2014, we met a young family searching for the American dream. The mother took five financial classes a week and raised her family without running water or utilities. The father commuted 40hrs a week to the closest stable job he could find. They taught us about Chispa, the spark that drives people to live with purpose. We felt it inside of us, and it inspired us to search for that spark in others.

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In April 2016, the spark ignited when our friend, co-founder and creative director was lost at sea off the coast of Oregon. On that day, our film crew turned to Chispa as our guide.

Before he was taken from us, Kelly left us a final message, “It’s going to be a big one.” In that moment, he was referring to the massive wave that would sweep him from the rocks, but we took his words as a challenge.

There is a Big One out there, a giant spark or Chispa, that can positively impact the world. That day we began searching for the Big One, our promise to make a difference with every film we release.

A company culture based on core values.

Create with Chispa

Finding the spark that inspires you to create with complete passion.

Finish The Last 5%

All tasks require the full attention of the team until the project is 100% complete.

Don't Limit Your Dreams

We can only achieve goals that we wholeheartedly believe in.

Feedback Is Our Fuel

Every action and every word should lead to the best possible work.

Go Team!

Cartter Fontaine


Chief Creative Officer responsible for combing through the research, notes, footage, and imagery and turning it into something visually engaging and emotionally compelling.

Andrew Levy


Leader of award-winning work for Cisco, SAP, ABC, Checkers, and others by leveraging the spirit of their company to drive purposeful connections and meaningful results.

Sam Birdsong


Head of all the important stuff that enables the creation of the exciting stuff. Focused on optimizing processes and enhancing client success through technology and service delivery.

Newt Barnes


Turning footage into films by piecing together audio and visuals to craft an authentic story with each project.

Michael Tomasello


Michael Uribe

Senior Producer

Story is everything. Finding the spark and presenting it to audience inspires me and this is the motto that guides me: I shall either find a way or make one.

Lisa Schueneman

Marketing & Accounts Manager

Creating with Chispa by telling the stories and creating impactful content for local businesses and community members.

Aaliyah Pauyo

Marketing Editor


Clint Owens

Director of Photography

Leading technical and creative strategies to convey Chispa and meaningful content through visual storytelling.

Ariel Levy

Creative Producer

Jake Cooper

Marketing Producer

Kiki Griffin

Marketing Assistant


Located in Normaltown, but far from ordinary.

With staff and partners located around the world, we’re proud to have our headquarters and postproduction facility in the Normaltown community of Athens, Ga. Our office sits across the street from Automatic Pizza and Normal Bar and we’re flanked by Sips Coffee, Agua Linda, Hi-Lo, Normal Hardware, and Old Pal. Pretty much everything a group of creative souls needs to thrive.

The office is dog-friendly and the parking meters out front only cost a nickel. You should come by sometime.

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