Our Mission is to empower creatives and help them get paid.

Creative people are powerful.

Now, more than ever before, our screens and the world around us are covered in the work of vibrant individuals. Creatives inspire us, give us hope, push issues forward, make images pop, and package messages into the shiny objects that incite action.

It is a simple idea: respect, honor, and adequately pay creatives for their work. They will not only deliver for your brand, but they will overdeliver with passion projects that make the world a better place. We have seen that power first hand and this mission is personal to our team.

Chispa is the Spanish word for spark.

In 2014, we met a young family on the border searching for the American dream. The Calderon-Rojas family worked harder than anyone we had met before. When we asked what drove them, the mother Maria said, “Chispa. There is a spark inside us to build a better life for our family.” Our team immediately resonated with her words. You could feel the power in her voice, and from that point on we began searching for others with a similar “Chispa.”

Pronounced “Cheese-Spa”, it’s the Spanish word for spark. But to us, it’s a lot more than that.

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Chispa Origin

The origin of our mission and the fire that fuels our team.

In 2016, our co-founder and lead creative was lost at sea. We have since found inspiration in his final message, “It’s gonna be a big one.” It is a challenge. There is a big one out there - a giant spark or Chispa - and if we can find it, we can inspire the world.

A company culture based on core values.

Create with Chispa

Find the spark that inspires you to create with complete passion.

Finish the Last 5%

All tasks require the full attention of the team until the project is 100% complete.

Don't Limit Your Dreams

We can only achieve goals that we wholeheartedly believe in.

Feedback is Our Fuel

Every action and every word should lead to the best possible work.

The Search for the Big One: A relentless pursuit to empower creatives.

We believe that everyone that desires to be a creative should be given that opportunity, regardless of background or economic means. We are launching a program to help creatives without means afford both education and equipment so they can develop the skills necessary to get paid on productions around the world.

The program will launch in Athens in 2021 with the Boys and Girls Club of Athens and Downtown Academy.


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