153 Things We Made This Year

This week we announced our focus on Searching for The Big One and the launch of Chispa House. What you see in the footage above is a glimpse of the path that has gotten us to where we are today and a look forward into the future.

As we begin to close out 2018, we thought it fitting to take stock and compile a brief Year in Review to:

  • Celebrate everything we’re thankful for
  • Appreciate the people that have influenced our lives
  • Reflect on what we’ve accomplished – and what’s ahead
  • Extend a massive, heartfelt Thank You.

For us, 2018 has been an incredibly busy and fulfilling year. We’ve added inspiring new clients, created original work that we’re really proud of, grown the team with some remarkable people, and contributed significant, measurable value to organizations.

To say we’re bursting with pride with everything we’ve accomplished would be an understatement.

Here’s a list of the videos we made in 2018 and a few you can watch:


  • Brand Story
  • Founder’s Story
  • Licensees with Heart: Sterling Coleman
  • Licensees with Heart: Ron & Charlotte
  • Licensees with Heart: Josh Chapman

Inspire Brands

  • Brand Video
  • Sonic Acquisition

Your Pie

  • Fall in Love with Pizza (30 second spot)
  • Your Pie in Space
  • Your Pie 10 Year
  • Da Dip
  • Franchise Fest
  • Free Gelato Day 2018
  • Your Pie Presents: Made in Monroe


  • Hodgson School of Music
  • Research Awards: Brett Clementz
  • Research Awards: Dorothea Link
  • Research Awards: Michael Tiemeyer
  • Research Awards: Silvia Moreno
  • Research Awards: Wayne Parrott
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Small Shifts, Big Results
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Coffee Scene (15 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – TV Scene (15 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Office Scene (15 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Lunch Scene (15 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Drive-Thru (15 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Coffee Scene (6 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – TV Scene (6 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Office Scene (6 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Lunch Scene (6 Seconds)
  • UGA Snap-Ed – Drive-Thru (6 Seconds)
  • Celebrating Dr. Bullock


  • Research Overview
  • Alumni Overview
  • Student Profile: Ginny Carter
  • Student Profile: Mary Frances Doss
  • Student Profile: Mike Halder

Piedmont Healthcare

  • All Access: Scott Sinclair
  • All Access: Tom Crean
  • All Access: Mohamad Massaqoui
  • All Access: Joni Taylor
  • All Access: Courtney Kupets Carter


  • New Website
  • Testimonial: Doug Beebe
  • KDC Drone Short
  • KDC Pedestrian Bridge
  • KDC Holiday Card


  • Buckhead Village

PRSA Georgia

  • Porter Noveli
  • Coca-Cola

Pace Academy

  • The Power of Pace
  • The Power of Pace – Short

SSP America

  • A New Day

ReST Performance

  • ReST Product Video


  • Barrick Investor Day 2018
  • AuTec Conference Loop

Shlenker School

  • Shlenker Spark

Candid Partners

  • Cloud Perspective
  • Rapid App Development
  • Data Lake
  • IoT
  • Aurora Migration
  • Optimizing Cloud Computing
  • Life at Candid: Beau
  • Life at Candid: Hope
  • Life at Candid: Kristen
  • Life at Candid: Steve
  • Candid API
  • Excellence by Example
  • Make the Vision Real
  • Team Focus and Agility
  • Metrics and Incentives
  • Change and Enablement
  • Leaders Lead the Way


  • Us in Lupus


  • Tunnel Vision 4K
  • Strawberry’s Farm Short
  • Rodeo Prep Short
  • Rowdy Rice and Daughter
  • Strawberry and Bobcat
  • Tunnel Vision – Trailer #1
  • J.B. Mauney Story
  • Mayoral Debate Promo
  • Athens Debate
  • Andrew on High Velocity Radio
  • Get Comfortable Teaser
  • Cedar Shoals HS Graduation 2018
  • Clarke Central HS Graduation 2018
  • Suspicion from the Start – Music Video
  • Get Comfortable Athens GA
  • Ho Down 8 Promo Video
  • Cheese Spa House
  • HF Bar
  • Arcanum Overview View
  • United Skates Internal Video


  • Barrick Short (Gold Hammer)
  • Barrick Gold Pour
  • Barrick Short (What We Achieved)
  • Barrick Short (Mine Blast)
  • Barrick Short (AuTec)
  • Barrick Spark
  • Barrick Gold Pour for Website
  • The Spark of Barrick Preview
  • We All Start with a Spark
  • Sparkle Through Sweat
  • Sparkle Though Strength
  • Starbucks Video
  • Art Williams Speech
  • Conscious Capitalism: John Mackey

Create with Chispa

  • Ike and Jane
  • Cello – Nick Gearkin
  • Artist – Gunnar Tarsa
  • White Tiger- Ken and Melinda
  • Hip Pops
  • Artinis
  • Skate Park of Athens
  • Walden the Band
  • Canopy Studios
  • Normaltown Coffee
  • Kindercore
  • Illustrator- Chip Haggerty
  • CCC Roller Girls
  • Active Climbing
  • R.Wood Studio
  • Normalbooks
  • Pain&Wonder Tattoo
  • Condor Chocolates
  • Holy Crepe Food Truck
  • Strong Girls at Athens Emergency Food Bank
  • Community Athens
  • Little Light Co.
  • Rook & Pawn
  • Dance FX
  • Hair of Downward Dog
  • Pouch Pies
  • Treehouse Kids and Kraft
  • Athens Gaming Truck
  • Gnarly Creative
  • Charlie Mustard / Jittery Joe’s
  • Cali n’ Titos
  • Athens Farmers Market
  • Athens Running
  • Indie South
  • 3 porch
  • SE Women’s Wrestling
  • Jon Dawker freestyle connection
  • Pedal Driven
  • Joel Hatstat
  • Josiah Garret
  • Quazimoto
  • Wild Rumpus

As you can see, this year has been full of amazing opportunities for our company’s growth and we have all of you to thank. So, thank you for every email, call, request, comment, share, like, and message. It means the world that you’ve taken interest in what we do, how we do it, and the team behind it. We’re honored to call you friends, family, partners, and clients.

We believe in the power of Chispa and look forward to an even more extraordinary 2019. We have HUGE plans for the new year and can’t wait to share more sparks and impact many more organizations and communities.

And now, let’s say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with happiness and joy. We hope that yours is filled with inspiration, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Happy Holidays everyone! And let’s Search for the Big One!

The Chispa House team

P.S. What can we make with you? Let us know!

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