The Cure For The Common Video

What a dog in Florida can teach us about maximizing the creativity and impact of your video communications.

I met a Jack Russell terrier in Panacea, FL (population 937) on Spring Break last week. He was hanging out at the intersection near the gas station at the end of our street.

My wife was worried he’d get hit by a car, so I whistled and said, “Come here, Buddy” in my friendliest voice. When he heard me, he jogged straight over and didn’t flinch when I bent down to pet him.

He had on a bright orange collar with a shiny brass nameplate. Jodi asked if there was a number we could call or an address for where he belonged. Neither of us wanted to see him get hit by a car and wanted to get him home safely.

There was a phone number, but when I read what was inscribed above it, I couldn’t help but laugh. It said:


What if your audience wants to be left alone?

In a world where consumers can adopt a “leave me alone” mentality, people are struggling to differentiate their company and break through more than ever before.

Through our custom branded content and original filmmaking, we’re fortunate to work with an array of founders, executives, marketers, and agencies. The people who work with us have one thing in common: they are on a mission that is too important — or different — to trust to an ordinary video production company.

We believe it’s impossible to create inspiring work with uninspiring vendors. By leveraging the power of emotional connections with the people within the organization, we humanize companies. Our process includes:

1. Starting with in-depth interviews about them
2. Exploring their competition, culture, and audience
3. Sharing the spark within what we heard
4. Collaboratively editing the narratives and takeaways
5. Delivering cinematic films to share with the world.

Back to Panacea

While at the beach, I read quite a bit, including the news about Droga5 being acquired by Accenture. Juxtaposed with this, I was keeping up on #Slack and incredibly impressed by the insane levels of creativity and productivity flowing out of our team. From the Way Out West films that are currently in post-production to the Aflac film we’re currently shooting, 2019 is off to a scorching start.

It was particularly interesting to be consuming this information in a place called Panacea. Named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy, it means a solution or cure for all difficulties.

Which made me think of Freddie Mac

Here is a dog that lives within the natural boundaries of an island: a bridge, a marsh, and an ocean. As a result, he has the freedom to roam and explore a world of adventure stretched along two miles of sleepy beachside road. To see him is to see pure joy.

Freddie Mac wouldn’t be the same happy-go-lucky dog if confined to a fenced yard. I can imagine him pacing the perimeter yearning to walk along the water’s edge, receive pets from strangers buying ice at the gas station, and visit with neighbors strolling down the bike path. He’d be miserable.

The same applies to creatives. Freedom and inspiration and natural boundaries (like a strong brief) are what they need, not strict rules and stifling bureaucracy. They should confidently represent the voice and needs of the consumer, not merely a profit center or a box on an org chart. They’re most effective when issued big challenges, given space to explore, and left to use their imagination.

If your organization could use a cure for its common videos, you can rely on our creatives to come ‘home’ with the most wonderful ideas, stories, and work.

Just let us know how we can help.

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