Why Athens?

So…you’re from Athens?

This is a question we receive at Chispa House / DTproductions quite often, and one I am always very eager to answer. The short answer is that Athens is an inspiring place to be. From the minute I stepped into town 10 years ago, I have always looked up to the folks in Athens who go against the grain and blaze their own trail. There is a palpable entrepreneurial and creative spirit in Athens, fueled by the fact that people who want to call this place home, create their own reason to stay.

It was our passion to meet and share the story of these creators that got us into the world of video production in the first place. Armed with hand-me-down cameras and almost no technical knowledge, we set out to meet the people who were engrained in the creative pulse of Athens. If it weren’t for the inspiration and support from these folks, we may have lost the spark and desire to improve upon our own craft. Working tirelessly to solidify ourselves as creatives who have blazed our own trail, inspired our own reason to keep Athens home.

A go-getter city with a laid-back vibe

Now, here we sit in a fully operational studio in Normaltown (hands down the most creative neighborhood in Athens), just 5 years after borrowing our first camera. No words can describe how humbling this truly is, to be in the exact position as the folks that I have looked up to since I first moved to this amazing place. While we may spend a lot of time on the road filming out of town, there is simply no better place to come home to.

Be You is a dedication to this town. To the passion that drives us, the blood & sweat we put into each day to make our dreams come true, and the realization that while everyone in this town is their own unique individual, together we have created something truly inspiring. And people are noticing.

– Cartter Fontaine, CEO / Editor

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Be You – The Story of the Relentless from DTproductions on Vimeo.


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