Saucing Our Way Into Inspire Brands

Inspire Brands chooses Chispa House for brand launch video

Earlier this year Sam and I attended a Conscious Capitalism event that was sponsored by Arby’s and the sandwiches looked more delicious than we’d seen before. They brought out a full-fledged mobile butcher’s shop with fresh slabs of meat, slicers, the whole nine yards.

So we dove in. Double roast beef please!

Our gut was correct: the sandwiches were a saucy delight (foreshadowing).

Only moments later we ran into the Arby’s representative. Immediately, we congratulated him on the grub and went to shake his hand with excitement, but there was one big problem. Sam’s hand was covered with barbecue sauce!

I saw the crime in slow motion, but could do nothing! Knowing we were caught red-handed, I had to come clean, “Sam, did you just sauce him?” We thought our delight was over just as it began, but luckily our new friend laughed off the saucing with us.

And the rest is history.

So far we have produced two films to correspond with the launch of Inspire Brands and the new acquisition of SONIC Drive-In. Inspire Brands is a purpose-driven restaurant company that shares our passion for humanity and spark of Chipsa.

— Andrew

First visit to Chispa House? Start here.

Chispa House partner Inspire Brands

Chispa House captures the spark of Inspire Brands.

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