From Skateboarding to Filmmaking with Santino Martirano

This week on the Creative First podcast: Skateboarding to Filmmaking with Santino Martirano

Santino is a Colorado based photographer and producer at ROAM Media. His story takes him from the skateparks of New York City, to the coast of Hawaii and the cobblestone streets of Italy before landing a career at the company of his dreams.

Santino now works side-by-side with the most reputable individuals in the outdoor film world, and his work has taken him to some of the most incredible outdoor locations on Earth including remote areas in the Arctic that can only be represented by numerical coordinates.

Kelsey and Santino discuss how he discovered his passion for filmmaking through the help of skateboarding (2:46), the ways your home city can impact your creative style (7:39), finding Chris Jerard and ROAM Media (9:23), the advantages of working within an agency (12:50), learning creative skills from your network (16:34), Santino’s work with ROAM’s Boundless Series (19:36), his proudest moment in his career (23:10).

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