An Update On Our Search

If you’ve been following the Chispa story, we wanted to share a quick update on what we’ve been working on in 2019 so far.

If you’re new to the story…

Thanks for your interest and welcome! Here’s a little background to catch you up before we jump in:

We are a company searching for the Big One, a mission to find a giant spark that can move the world forward. This spark will emanate from cinematic, humanity-focused storytelling that features aspirational people at work.

Through partnering with forward-thinking businesses, production companies, and networks, we develop ideas and bring them to life on both big and small screens.

But it always starts by uncovering the spark.

Here’s what that looks like:

Discovery Film – The Spark of Aflac

Corporate Partner: Aflac

We are working on a major cinematic release with Aflac and their impressive contribution towards treatments, research, and technology within pediatric cancer. The 30-minute film will be premiered this fall at Atlantic Media’s Ideas Festival in Washington DC followed by a coordinated digital launch to rally support for the My Special Aflac Duck. The below film is how we worked with Aflac leadership to capture their purpose and uncover this story.

Tunnel Vision: The Story of an American Bull Rider

Development Partner: Wrangler

A year ago we developed a short film with both up-and-coming and celebrity bull riders throughout the southeast. The story revolves around two main characters, Rowdy Rice and Strawberry Pruitt. Rowdy is twenty-something bull rider trying to both make it on the PBR circuit and provide for his daughter. This is no easy task and requires an incredible determination as well as mentorship from Strawberry, a retired rider and the lead promoter of the local rodeos. Together they show us what it means to live with grit. This theme, as well as others, led to a partnership with Wrangler, who licensed the film for their film network.


Once we learn what drives our character, their Chispa, we follow that spark and look for flames.

Get Comfortable Athens GA

Development Partner: Creature Comforts Brewing Company

We partnered with the official beer of Thor to explore hunger, homelessness, and poverty as a part of their Get Comfortable charitable initiative. The point of this film is to provide a megaphone to those that never get one. And the result blew us away. The stories we uncovered revolved around love, art, poetry and a passion for humanity. This message quickly spread around Georgia. The local high schools added it to curriculum and the film community slapped a few awards on it. Since the release, we have had the pleasure of presenting the results alongside Creature Comforts to audiences around the state.


What comes after development and production? Distribution, of course. Here’s how we’re touring the country to both major and intimate premieres followed by a coordinated digital launch.

The Search for the Big One Tour – 12 Cities Fall 2019

Films: Ruby Dog, Family Powers, Protect Our Water, Tough as a Mother

We produced four short films about individuals that inspire our crew. The subjects range from an avalanche-rescue dog, a professional climber that crippled himself in a major fall and brought himself back to full strength, professional surfers working to protect the oceans around them, and a young mother passionate about maintaining her adventurous spirit through motherhood. These sparks of humanity aligned with the objectives of Airstream, the manufacturer of legendary travel trailers and touring coaches, who partnered with us to power our nationwide tour later this fall.

The Atlantic Festival in Washington DC

Film: My Special Aflac Duck

The discovery film we produced alongside Aflac leadership led to a 12-month deep dive into their contributions to eradicating pediatric cancer and an intimate look at the incredible courage shown by the children and their families throughout their trying journeys. The film will premiere at The Atlantic Magazine’s premiere event this fall in Washington, D.C. in front of thousands of thought leaders.

What’s next?

We’ve been in business seven years which means we have seven years of character development and a library of unique storylines headed for network distribution.

We are working with a number of production companies and networks to bring the stories we have uncovered along our search for the Big One to your favorite global networks. These partnerships are currently in discussion, but we are excited to announce a few soon. In the meantime, here is an example of the work we are looking to develop.

City of Ink

Development Partner: Coming Soon in an Upcoming Blog

We’re not slowing down

Each day we’re working to find individuals with a passionate spark inside them. We call that force Chispa and it ignites films that inspire audiences. We use that positive halo to empower both our brand partners and network channels looking to connect with the masses!

Thank you for joining our search. Please reach out if you know a friend with Chispa.

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  1. Kay Levy on June 28, 2019 at 7:01 am

    Fabulous!! Love all the amazing projects you are doing!
    In such a short time of 7 years, you have accomplished so much and have touched so many lives with your films

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