What Drives You?

Some people are driven by the desire for continuous improvement. For others, it’s the celebration of achievement that provides motivation.

“What I can be, I must be.” — Maslow

Vibrant organizations foster a culture of massive goal setting, abundant trust, and commitment to testing the limits of everyone’s abilities. Add in recognition and incentives for actually getting stuff done and you’ve got the recipe for high levels of performance.

This year we’ve committed to our most ambitious projects ever. The energy and excitement are palpable…and our clients and followers and fans are feeling it too.

We’ve got the Powers

The characters in our second film personify this spirit. Last week, the team got to film a legendary climber and his equally-amazing family.

Phil Powers is CEO of the American Alpine Club (AAC). His accomplishments include:

  • Over 25 expeditions to Alaska, South America, and the Karakoram Range.
  • First ascents of the 8,000-foot Washburn Face on Denali & Lukpilla Brakk’s Western Edge in Pakistan
  • First winter traverse of the Tetons’ Cathedral Peaks in 1992.
  • Climbed two 8,000-meter peaks—K2 and Gasherbrum II—without the aid of supplemental oxygen.
  • In addition to receiving numerous awards and grants, he is also the author of two books: Wilderness Mountaineering and Expedition Planning.

But in 2011, the thing he most loves to do almost killed him.

During a climb at a popular spot near his office, a miscommunication caused him to plummet 60 feet to the ground. From the fall, Phil sustained multiple injuries: a broken arm, fractured ribs and vertebrae, a punctured diaphragm, a collapsed lung, and substantial internal bruising.

This didn’t stop him

After a successful rehab, Phil continues to be an avid climber and an ambassador of the sport. You’ll see what we mean upon release of our upcoming film, Family Powers.

Like Phil, the team at Chispa House is relentless about achieving, improving and expanding. It’s not about competition. It’s about maximizing potential and living up to the commitment we have in our mission and to each other.

With work that keeps getting stronger, our clients become even more successful. Branded films influence our sponsored originals which inspire the next branded films and so on. The flywheel of our business is spinning and generating incredible returns for our client-partners.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of or your business could benefit from, we’d be honored to have you join our Search for the Big One.

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