Citizens of the World

Over the course of a year and 96 interviews, we learned from these future doctors, journalists, and engineers what raw passion truly looks like at Pace Academy.

At Pace Academy, education is more than learning history or math or science. They believe each child should have individual attention with exposure to an array of experiences that, in turn, helps them develop into prepared and confident citizens of the world.

And the students love it.

But this feeling can be tough to convey. Especially during the competitive admissions period where every school is putting their best image forward to assure prospective parents that their school is the best option available.

Citizen of the World

So we teamed up with Pace Academy to explore what to means to be a Citizen of the World. We talked about this concept with students of all ages. We met with faculty to learn how it was being translated in the classroom. And we also met with the administration to understand why people have such a strong affiliation with the school’s mission.

Throughout these interviews, the answer kept authentically rising to the surface.

Pace is full of intelligent, compassionate, and empathic people wanting to do good in the world. This simple fact is evident all over campus: in academics, athletics, and socially. Because of this, it naturally attracts like-minded people to join in.

This particular film sparked a strong partnership with Pace, which is now in its fifth year. It is rewarding – and a lot of fun! – to work with a school that values the development of the whole child.

We are grateful to help create excitement for a place that wants to help humanity through nurturing and developing Citizens of the World.

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