Chispa House is a humanity-focused production company known for authentic, documentary-style brand videos that empower audiences and inspire action.

Aflac knows the power behind an inspiring video. We've created video content that empowers employees to share Aflac's mission and social contribution with an authentic voice. This multi-channel strategy involved managing original films, live events, press, awards, and investor relations. While true social responsibility was their end goal, they also saw a 5900% increase in website traffic. 

We worked with Dunkin on a series of recruiting videos to inspire future employees with team members' success stories. The results? 10 market case studies and 12 assets created to boost team member recruitment. Best of all - Dunkin' saw an overall decrease in turnover by connecting team members. 


SSP realized that even a great PDF can get lost during a big decision. So they decided to leverage personalized sales video to engage decision makers directly with their culinary vision. The strategy paid off with $100M+ in new business development. With five airports covered (LGA, PHX, SFO, SJO, MDW), this video content remains an evergreen marketing tool for all sales presentations. 

Company recruiting has gone global. SAP needed a way to extend a virtual handshake and recruit employees to join a global sales training academy. We conducted over 50 training interview videos that were then translated into 12 languages.  SAP saw increased global recruitment across 55 countries, doubling its amount of applicants.

Video content is now a cornerstone of any social strategy. Checkers wanted to connect to their audience with brand video that was authentic to their voice. With Chispa's social content video production, they had 28M+ total views, a 68% Facebook engagement rate, and 50K total engagements.

Video can be the sales tool that takes your business to the next level. We produced video as a sales tool to promote Cisco's digital transformation capabilities. Featuring 4 international filming locations, it was premiered at a global conference. Armed with their new sales video, Cisco saw $200M in digital transformation sales.

Franchising and licensees play a big part in our communities. Zaxby's wanted to highlight their licensee community engagement with authentic branded video. We conducted 30 employee interviews and put together a brand video that premiered at a licensee convention. Zaxby's saw a rise in new franchise owners all while staying true to their unique brand voice and community.

Airstream needed video content that could cross the country. Chispa produced national display tours and handled the corresponding media coverage. We created 12 original pieces of content and generated product displays in CA, CO, ID, NV, OH, and UT. We drove over 6,000 miles for Airstream and put together a suite of branded PR content that's boosted their PR presence. 

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