Chispa House - Search for Big One

Four weeks. Four films. Five thousand seven-hundred miles. This film trip took us from sub-zero temperatures in Central Idaho to 80-degree days in Southern California, testing our mettle against snow, stone, and sea. Our most ambitious production yet was a resounding success.

Film 1: Ruby Dog

In Idaho, we met Ruby, an avalanche rescue dog who is as equally obsessed with adventure as her owner, Pat McCormick. We traveled through the back-country via helicopter, snowmobile, and leg-power, seeing firsthand the upper realm of trust and companionship shared between man and dog. It was a week of feeling as though we were exactly where we were supposed to be with precisely the right people -- Ruby dog included.


Film 2: Family Powers

Red Rocks proved to be a totally different experience. In 2011, Phil Powers fell 70 feet off of a climb and broke his back. Eight years later, his inexorable pursuit of alpinism continues as if nothing ever happened. While we were focused on that remarkable story, his family proceeded to steal the show.

Their shared love of climbing demonstrated the highest ideals of family in an atypical environment. I’d like to say we had time to process that, but to be honest, it took everything we had to keep up with the Powers crew. They’re hard-chargers, and it’s evident in the way they speak, climb, and carry themselves

Film 3: Protect Our Water

The final leg of our journey brought us to Southern California, the birthplace of surfing on the mainland. The history is there. The waves are there. But humans are there, too.

We spent the week talking to surfers from different disciplines and walks of life, and they all shared the same conviction: the oceans are an incredibly powerful and healing feature of our world, but they’re not so powerful that they can heal themselves.

It’s our responsibility as humans to be first-rate stewards of the oceans.


Film 4: Tough As A Mother

Alongside all of this, we were also sharing our own story. Ariel Levy is one of our producers, and River is her one-year-old son. It would be an understatement to say that bringing a toddler on the trip added a whole new element to the filmmaking process. We thought that was a worthy film in its own right, so we followed them every step of the way.

Ariel’s goal is to prove to herself that adventures don’t have to end when you have a child. River has experienced more wild places at 14 months than most can imagine, all because his mom is one badass lady who never stops exploring.


Our mission is to search for the Big One, which was the final challenge issued by our lost creative partner. Kelly was an inspirational leader, humanitarian, and adventurous spirit who left us with the words, “It’s going to be a big one.” These words have guided us to uncover the spark of humanity, an idea we call Chispa.

We will find it by producing films about aspirational humans -- glimpses into the lives of people that inspire us. Their struggles and triumphs reveal ambitions, motivations, and ways that we can better ourselves and the world around us. They reveal the truth, which is exactly what we’re chasing at Chispa House.

We’d love to have you along for the ride.

Let's Get Started.

Film Summaries

Tough as a Mother – Ariel is an accomplished rock climber, thrill seeker, and adventurer. Upon having her first child, she was left unsure on how to continue embracing her adventurous spirit. Now she is embarking on a cross-country journey with her one-year-old son River to explore public lands and meet other tough moms, so they can together define a new era of motherhood and inspire world-changing values in their kids.

Ruby Dog – Working animals bring an uninhibited passion to their jobs. In this story we follow Ruby, an avalanche rescue dog and her partner Pat, as they fly deep into the backcountry of Idaho to showcase the bond they have formed and their abilities in the snow.

Protect Our Water – Set against the backdrop of Hansen Surfboards and Hobie Surf Shop, two of the oldest and most iconic shops in America, we examine the surfing pioneers, like Rob Machado, and their youthful counterparts as they fight alongside the Surfrider Foundation to conserve the ocean and protect their love.

Family Powers – Phil Powers summited K2 without oxygen and has a first ascent on Denali, but it was a simple climb on his lunch break that left him with the biggest challenge of his life. After a miscommunication and a 70ft fall, the CEO of the American Alpine Club was left fighting for his life.