Scale your sales.

Use video to differentiate from competitors and spark emotion with your customers.

How can I differentiate my RFP bid?

A custom video alongside RFP paperwork generates more engagement and wins more deals.

How can I evolve my sales presentation?

Showcase your product capabilities by combining informative testimonials and animation to illustrate complex processes.

How can I share our exact message to all potential customers?

The game of telephone doesn't work. Use video to simplify sharing for all stakeholders.

How can I generate consistent and qualified leads?

Boost lead generation on social with engaging video that captivates your audience and invites them to communicate with your company.

Brands that use our strategy:


RFP Differentiation

When our partners add custom video alongside their RFP submission, we win the bid almost every time. Decision makers will play your film in their boardroom, understanding your values and differentiating factors on a level that cannot be expressed on paper. Using Chispa House video strategy, SSP created unique opportunities and differentiated from the competition by showcasing the amazing personalities and skills that lie within their business.


Ask about our examples with SSP America, Cisco, Hanover Company, Mustang CAT, and more.


Cisco Image_2
Aflac Image_2

Customer Acquisition and Online Lead Generation

If you swipe through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media you will be followed by a set of static and wordy advertisements. Differentiate your message to consumers through cinematic video that conveys both the value and emotion behind your brand. 


Ask about our examples with Purdue University Global, Ron Carter League City, ZipRecruiter and more.



Product Videos

Showcase the problem your products solve by combining live action and animation. Video can illustrate processes, define products, and educate prospective customers. Simplify complex solutions for easy customer digestion through video and assist your advocates desire to share your values.


Ask about our examples with Autec, Your Pie, Checkers, Wrangler and more. 




Let your customers sell for you. Engage your audience with informative and emotion-provoking stories that will set you apart from competition. Especially when you are selling a high-priced product or solution, it is critical for clients to understand the experience from an unbiased third party. Go the extra mile with testimonials and overlay cinematic visuals to fully engage a prospect with your purpose-driven values and unique capabilities.


Ask about our examples with Mustang CAT, Zaxby’s, Hanover, KDC, Cisco and more.


See Our Work


Engaging customers with captivating visuals of their product features and processes.


Winning bids with their unique and personal stories to develop airports across the country.


Showcasing their authentic digital transformation capabilities to industry leaders.

Miller’s Ale House

Driving awareness towards March Madness promotions that are specific to the environment within their restaurants. 


Attracting increased social engagement with celebrity spokesperson and customer appreciation.

Ron Carter

Driving genuine internet leads for car dealerships with passion and creativity.


Equip your sales, marketing, and recruitment teams.

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