Recruit & Retain

Use video to engage current and future employees with your purpose, values, and process.

How can I recruit top talent and introduce them to our culture and values?

Illustrate your company’s authentic voice with video production to receive increased job application submission.

How can I efficiently onboard and train
new hires?

Incorporate video into the onboarding and training of new employees to fight against traditional information overload.

How can I increase employee retention and engage them with
our purpose?

Boost affinity for your brand by using video to showcase your company culture and allow employees to share their unique stories.

Brands that use our strategy:


Onboarding and Training

Use video to mitigate against information overload that exists in traditional onboarding and training. Explain and clarify the procedures that make your company unique to achieve higher job satisfaction, better job performance and greater commitment.

T-Mobile utilizes video to uniquely package their values, culture and processes for seamless onboarding of new employees, allowing them to build lasting relationships more rapidly than before.


Recruiting Top Talent

Receive greater viewership and increased job application submission by adding video to your employee recruiting process. Showcase your company’s authentic voices and inspiring history through visual storytelling.


Emory University utilized a recruitment video to leverage students and alumni in order to recruit the next generation of changemakers and attract attention to the school and their programs.



Company Culture

Video can increase brand affinity and boost team morale more directly than any other medium. Show stakeholders who you are, what you stand for and your company’s capabilities.


The Inspire Brands restaurant chain uses video to unify their family of brands. They are able to create community across their wide array of franchises and increase recruitment.



Employee Testimonials

Unify individuals within your company. Video captures more than images and words; it provides intimate and emotional visuals that resonate with your employees.


Dunkin’ inspired and engaged employees with current team member success stories, resulting in an overall increase in employee retention. 


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Reducing turnover by connecting employees to purpose


Recruiting franchisees by showcasing nationwide success stories


Driving sign ups by tapping into the emotion of unique professions

Emory University

Showcasing alumni testimonials to recruit new students

University of Georgia

Engaging students with the
passion of professors

Pace Academy

Recruiting and  inspiring students to become Citizens of the World

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