The Purpose Project

Each year our team creates a film that highlights an organization working to make a big impact in their community.

What started as a small passion project has evolved over the years to include large scale films (sparks) that we hope  can ignite a better world.

Current Project: Come As You Are

The Brookwood Community is a residential and vocational community that is committed to changing the way the world thinks about people with disabilities. We have been filming for the past year in Houston, TX and are excited to announce a premiere event will be held at The Hobby Center at the end of January 2023. 

Past Projects

Moments of Joy

The journey through pediatric cancer can be exhausting and overwhelming. The courage of the children and families fighting through this path is inspiring. We partnered with Aflac to share how they are putting effort toward making these experiences less scary for kids and more supportive for parents.

Get Comfortable

We partnered with local brewery, Creature Comforts, to highlight the incredible individuals found within our own home city of Athens, Georgia. These individuals live through a lens of poverty and hardship that many community members cannot imagine. Together we empowered them by sharing their stories and gaining them access to resources they had been living without.

Protect Our Water

Every year over 8 million metric tons find their way into our oceans. It’s an environmental issue that continues to demand attention. We took a journey to the southern coast of California and met with local surf shops owners and members of the Surfrider Foundation to capture their efforts and share what we can do to change the course.

Team Nelson

We’ve been supporters of Team Nelson and their efforts since the start. Their board works tirelessly to allow underprivileged children in Tanzania a chance to gain an education and build a future. We took a trip to Arusha to meet the children and learn a bit about their livelihoods in order to share their stories with anyone wanting to make a difference.

Ruby Dog

Working as an avalanche patroller in the upper Rocky Mountains is no easy task. It’s dangerous, fast-paced, and unpredictable. We spent days alongside Pat and his canine companion, Ruby, as they walked us through their daily job on the rescue team. We are honored to share their story and honor them as a frontline worker in the mountains.

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