My Special Aflac Duck

We are filmmakers that connect brands with humanity. Through engaging with inspired individuals and exploring creative places, our value is finding the spark in people and organizations. We call it Chispa, and it can ignite change, impact audiences and propel initiatives.


Origin of Chispa

In early 2014 we visited the Texas/ Mexico border on assignment. There we met a family that sought the American dream unlike any others we’d met before. The mother, Maria, took five financial and English-speaking classes per week, while raising her children. The father, Juan, commuted from Texas to Tennessee (40hrs) to find steady work.

It was an emotional meal that led us to ask them why they worked so hard, drove so far, and fed strangers when they had so little to spare. Maria responded, “chispa,” the Spanish word for spark. “There is a spark inside of me to build a better life for me and my family.”

The idea resonated with us immediately. Our spark ignited.

For the next two and a half years we captured Chispa in our partners and used cinematic films to inspire their customers, employees and stakeholders. The process worked and our business grew, but we soon learned that the mission was not big enough.

The Big One

On April 15, 2016 we stood out on the bluffs of the Oregon coast. We had just wrapped a shoot and treated ourselves to the incredible Pacific views. That day our lives would change.

We were hit by a sneaker wave that threw us into the rocks and pulled our co-founder into the water. He did not survive that day.

Kelly was a humanitarian, inspirational leader, and adventurous spirit who left us with the words, “It’s going to be a big one.”

So we began our mission to partner with industry-leading brands and ignite change around the world: The Search for the Big One. We have many examples of this journey; however, our relationship with Aflac stands out. Together we are working to help drive funding and generate awareness for the My Special Aflac Duck program. This is an incredible iniatitive to provide each child diagnosed with pediatric cancer a unique and innovative caring companion.


My Special Aflac Duck

MySpecialAflacDuck:Aflac invested $3m developing an animatronic stuffed animal that acts as a companion to pediatric cancer patients in every way. When the child gets chemo, the duck gets chemo alongside them. If the child does not want to share their feelings, the duck can speak to the doctors on their behalf. If the child does not want to eat, the duck can eat alongside them to make the process more comfortable. It is amazing, and we are now six months into production spending time at home, in hospitals, and around the country with incredible kids, doctors, specialists and inventors.

These are stories that can change the world. We have dedicated our lives to ensuring that they are captured cinematically and launched strategically so that they do exactly that.

Our Aflac film will premiere at The Atlantic (magazine) Festival in Washington, D.C. later this year. We have twenty additional premieres planned this summer on behalf of other partnerships. The mix between physical premieres and social sharing is crucial to engage a wide audience that can rally behind the cause.

We are committed to expanding our search and finding other like-minded partners looking for their own Big One. The power of Chispa is heightened through collaboration -- we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

The Chispa House Crew