Industrial Video Strategy

Chispa House is a decade-old consultancy that leverages video to enable sales, culture, recruitment and communications for industrial companies.

Video moves the needle.

Use video to differentiate from traditional paper RFPs. Use Video showcase your dedication to safety, use video to recruit top talent. No matter your industrial objectives, video will enable and enhance retention, reach, and overall revenue growth


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Solutions for Growth

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ESG is no longer just a buzzword. Environmental, social, and corporate governances now come with requirements that we can help you capture and categorize.

Employees join companies and stay longer when values and purpose are clear. Reduce turnover and save revenue with video solutions that inspire and inform employees.

Investor Relations
Give the quarterly PowerPoint a modern update. Deliver news to your investors in a format that engages, informs, and prepares. 


Give your next sales pitch a new look. Stand out among the RPFs with content that inspires and explains your business to prospects.

Communicate authentically across all of your channels.

Accomplish more with each production.
We start with the end in mind to ensure all objectives are met with the right balance of information and emotion.

Make authentic video and keep it simple while you do it.

Learn how we can help you communicate with purpose and efficiency

Chispa is the Spark that Inspires Us

We learned it a decade ago from a family striving to fufill the American Dream. They showed us real purpose and sent us on a journey to uncover humanity within every film we make.