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Chispa is your spark

Chispa House is a humanity-focused production company that develops unscripted stories for brands, film, and TV.  We uncover inspired characters, alongside world-class creatives, to empower communities in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and beyond.

Humanity-Focused Films

Sourcing great stories demands a life off the well-worn path. Humanity is out there, and we can help you find it.

Case Study: Caterpillar

Showcase product features, generate leads and differentiate your sales presentations.

Mustang CAT uses Chispa House virtual dealership to grow market share, boost CCE sales, and develop connections between their business and a growing audience of owner operators.

Case Study: Pace Academy

Leverage your culture to recruit students and drive fundraising.

"The film is far more than an admissions piece; it is a work of art that has set a new standard for promotional films. Needless to say, we are the envy of our sister schools. - Head of School, Pace Academy

Case Study: Aflac

Engage stakeholders with purpose, ESG, CSR and qualitative achievements.

Aflac strengthens relations with shareholders and drives 5900% increase in website traffic through a multi-channel ESG and CSR strategy that showcases their core values and passion for people.

What our clients are saying:

What our clients are saying:

Equip your sales, marketing, and recruitment teams.

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Chispa is the Spark that Inspires Us

We learned it a decade ago from a family striving to fulfill the American Dream. They showed us real purpose and sent us on a journey to uncover humanity within every film we make.