Chispa House announces multiple promotions and new hires

The company begins 2021 with the promotion of two leaders within its Production department and the addition of three employees to Marketing and Sales. The announcement comes as Chispa House continues to scale its mission to help companies grow sales, recruitment, and communications. Our video products are currently being deployed across the country through partners such as Aflac, Mustang CAT, and T-Mobile.

“Chispa House invests in creatives because we know that they have the capacity to change the world with their work. We believe in growing the talent we have as well as bringing in new perspectives to ensure that we are delivering quality results to all of our brand partners.” said Sam Birdsong, Chispa House CEO

Andrew Levy, Chispa House president, said, “As a leader at Chispa House, there is nothing that makes me prouder than to hire and promote new members of our team. We have made a commitment to creatives, to our partners, and to ourselves and this announcement is just the beginning of where we plan to grow as a company.”

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Michael Uribe has been promoted to VP of Production. “My vision as VP of Production for Chispa House is to expand the capabilities of the company and continue to grow our creative and technical network, domestically and internationally. Chispa House has generated various video products for its customers over the years and it is my goal to continue that expansion while using our diverse and talented crew. We are also in development for streaming and broadcast content so I will help drive the creative and production process along with senior Chispa House leadership. I enjoy being a mentor and source of information for young creatives and will continue to make myself available to the teams as we continue the growth of this vibrant company.”

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Newt Barnes has been promoted to Senior Video Editor. “While continuing to edit and assemble our video products, my vision for the new role really comes in two parts. The first is concerned with quality control. At Chispa House, we have really high standards of quality, and my job here is to set and maintain those standards to ensure we are putting out the best products possible. The second is really about teaching. I want to assist the younger editors in honing their craft. A lot of that is challenging them to look at their work under a more critical lens and developing a style that is both deliberate and appropriate for a given project. I think this teaching aspect is what I’m most excited about because helping people learn and acquire new skills is something that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.”

In addition to these promotions, Chispa House also welcomes three new employees to its growing Marketing and Sales departments.


Sofia Perea-Sanchez joins as Director of Marketing. “My vision for the role is to guide the marketing department in a direction that supports Chispa House’s growth and supporting the continued creation of the product line. I’ll also work to strengthen the company’s digital footprint while keeping true to the grassroots marketing efforts that made Chispa House what it is today. What I am most excited about is working with a talented and high-motivated team of creatives who are always willing to learn and give that extra 5% to finish the job.”




Charissa Jones joins as Director of Sales “My vision for the role is to find new ways to develop partnerships with new and current customers. What I’m most excited about is the purpose of the company and having the opportunity to share with other organizations and capture what sets
them apart."





Jackson Smith has been hired as Marketing Coordinator. “My vision for the role is to build creative and captivating experiences to strengthen the outward-facing brand and image of Chispa House. I am most excited to work together with my team of creative and curious individuals to build meaningful and engaging content for our partners.”




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