Mustang CAT boosts CCE sales, empowers field sales team and grows audience of owner operators with Chispa House video strategy and distribution.


Company: Mustang CAT
Location: Houston, TX
Employees: 835
Locations: 18
Website: Mustang CAT


Mustang CAT wants to boost CCE sales by building a digital toolkit for their field sales team, generating awareness for their renewal program, and growing their audience of owner operators.


Chispa House built a video strategy that showcases key Mustang CAT value propositions, validated them with customer testimonials, displayed them on content portals in Spanish and English, and distributed them digitally and in-person to the Houston community of
equipment operators.

Project Objectives

Build a Hub for Cat Content

We are building a series of videos for multiple uses. In order to optimize accessibility and distribution, we designed and implemented a web portal alongside the Mustang CAT website team to house all current and future videos.


The portal is designed in both English and Spanish. A mix of media is important to understand how to balance your communication strategy and how to generate results.


Engage a Spanish-speaking audience

70% of owner operators and CCE consumers in Houston speak Spanish as their first language. Therefore we built a full portal of Spanish materials and videos to allow the field sales team to engage their customers regardless of their Spanish fluency.


Showcase: Maintenance

We built a series of films that showcases the maintenance team at Mustang CAT as well as testimonials from clients around Houston. This film showcases Mustang’s attention to maintenance as well tips to help owner operators keep their fleet running strong.


Showcase: Customer Service

We spoke to Mustang CAT customers from small to big to learn about expectations and how Mustang CAT fulfills their customer promise. This film series showcases the commitment of customer service from Mustang CAT and how customer relationships play a role in growth.


Showcase: Safety

Veterans across equipment, machinery and construction explore the importance of safety. This film series showcases the responsibility of keeping your crew safe, tips on how to run a safe operation and the impact of safety on your bottom line.


Showcase: Financing

Business leaders and the Mustang CAT sales team look at the different options for financing, the accessibility of their equipment for all types of buyers, and the difference between owning, leasing, and renting.


Showcase: Technology

Customers want to get the most out of their workforce. New technology across the entire fleet of Caterpillar equipment makes an operator's job easier, the site safer, and the project more efficient. This series of interviews showcases the importance of technology on the job site.


Client Testimonials

We showcased the vision and expertise within the Mustang CAT family, and then we validated with the words and sentiment of their partners. We visited individual operators and billion-dollar construction sites to learn how Mustang CAT plays a crucial role in the success of its partners.


Mustang CAT’s Team at Chispa House


Sam Birdsong


Sam is our organizational mastermind. He worked closely with CAT to create a smooth logistical process, including signing proposals and developing budgets.


Michael Uribe

Senior Producer

Michael is our production superstar. He ensured that each film day was efficient and smooth-- all while still having some fun, too!


Andrew Levy


Andrew is our lead salesperson at Chispa House and made initial connections with CAT to understand their video needs and walk them through the production process.


Kelsey Cochran

Development Manager

Kelsey is our intimate outreach coordinator. She ensured that each interaction with CAT was enjoyable, productive and well-organized.


Cartter Fontaine


Cartter is our Chief Creative Officer. He visually developed the story SSP wanted to share, taking client feedback along the way to ensure a satisfactory deliverable. 


Katherine Ostensen

Director of Accounts

Katherine is a part of our stakeholder happiness team. She supported SSP with consistent communication even after the final product delivery. 

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